Our Patriots


Our chapter members are descendents of men and women who risked their lives and fortunes during the American Revolution. They served in various capacities promoting the cause of American independence during the war. We are proud of these brave patriots. The legend for service abbreviations is at the bottom of the page.

Alexander, William VA, LT COL Prince William Co. Militia
Allen, Pelatiah CT, PVT Capt. Abel Pettibone, Col. Belding, 1777
Atwood, Moses NH, PVT Capt. John Calfe, Col. Long
Bassett, John MD, PS Oath of Allegiance; Paid Supply Tax, 1783
Bassett, William MD, PS PVT Oath of Allegiance; [Private] Capt. Matthew Purnell
Batz, Adam PA, PS Paid Supply Tax 1780, 1781
Bedient, Jr., Mordecai CT, PVT Capts. Nathan Gilbert, Eliakim Smith, Billings, Charles Smith, James Stoddard; Cols. Swift, Samuel Canfield
Benjamin, Sarah Matthews Osborn NY, PS Accompanied her husband & supported troops in camp; West Point & Yorktown
Bergh, Christian PA, PVT Capt. Adam Serfass, Col. Christian Shouse; Militia
Biggs, Robert PA, PVT Capts. Eli Myers, Huffnagle; Col. McCoy; 8th Regiment 
Billings, James CT, PVT Capts. Eldridge, Grant, Belcher, Perkins; Cols. Parsons, Ely, Starr
Bishop, Jacob MD, PVT Capt. William Heyser; Col. Haussegger German Regiment
Blair, William PA, PVT PS Capt. Samuel Hay, 6th Batt Militia; Prisoner of War
Blount, Reading NC, MAJ 5th NC Regiment
Boardman, Nathaniel VT, CAPT Assisted Stafford Retreat
Boone, Edward NC & VA, CS PS Juror; Road Viewer; Defender of Fort
Bowles, John MD, PS PVT Col. J. Jordan, St. Mary’s Co. Militia; Signed Oath of Allegiance
Brittingham, John MD, PS PVT Took Oath of Allegiance; [Private] Capt. Fisher Walton
Brodhead, Samuel NY, SGT Cols. Hornbeck, Graham, Pawling
Brookshire, James MD, PS PVT Capt. Eccleston, Col. Price; Took Oath of Allegiance & Fidelity, 1778
Brown, Samuel VA, PVT Lt. Benjamin A Cooper, Capt. Samuel Scott, Capt. James Downey, Gen. George Rogers Clark, KY Dist, VA Militia
Burger, Jacob VA, PS Paid supply tax
Bush, Jr., Isaac SC, SOL Capts. Joseph Johnson, Frederick Womack
Camden, John VA, PS Paid supply tax, 1783
Campbell, Sr., Lawrence VA, PS Furnished supplies
Carver, John PA, PS Paid supply tax 1783
Carver, Joseph PA, PS Paid supply tax 1779, 1781
Case, Philip MA, PVT Capt. Sylvanus Wilcox, Col. John Ashley
Chamberlain, Ninian NC, PS Took Oath of Allegiance to make land entry, Washington Co., 1780
Christopher, John MD, PS Paid Supply Tax, 1783
Cloud, Jesse PA, PVT Capt. John Craige, Col. Hannum, Chester Co. Militia
Cole, Robert VA, SGT Infantry, CL
Cook, Oliver CT, PVT Capts. Ard Buel, Hodges, Cobley; Cols. Sheldon, A Wilson
Corlew, Edward VT, PVT Capt. Benjamin, Lt. Joshua Church, Lt. Hall; Sgt. Tilken, Sgt. Kinghley
Coryell, Abraham NJ, PVT Capt. John Phillips, 3rd Regiment, Hunterdon Co. Militia
Cox, Michael PA, PVT 1st Battalion, Washington Co. Militia
Cregar, Adam MD, ENS Capt. Valentine Creagar's CO
Cunningham, James PA, CPL Capt. James Ross, Col. Thomas Porter, 3rd Battalion, Lancaster Co. Militia
Cutler, Simeon MA, LT Capts. Leland, Staple Chamberlain; Cols. Pierce & Parry
Davidson, Daniel VA, ENS Col. William Campbell, Washington Co. Militia
Davis, Jonathan VA, SOL Capt. Francis Taylor, VA Line, 1776 
Dawson, Robert Doyne MD, SOL PS Took Oath of Fidelity 1778; 3rd Co., Upper Battalion, Montgomery Co. Militia, Col. Zadock Magruder
DeGraffenreid, Tscharner VA, CS Justice of Lunenberg Co., 1781-83
Demarest, John NJ, PS Property destroyed by British
Depue, Francois LA, PS Galvez, New Orleans Militia 1777
Dickinson, Griffith VA, GA; CPL Capt. Scott, Maj. Lane, Cols. Elbert & McIntosh
Diggs, Dudley VA, PS Revolution Convention 1776; Committee of Safety 1775-1776 
Dishong, Morris PA, PS Suffered Depredation, 1783
Dormeyer, Jacob PA, PVT Capts. Snyder,Drine; Lt. Col. Balliet, Northhampton Co Militia
Dowell, Peter MD, PS Took Oath of Fidelity and Support, 3-2-1778
Dowling, William MD, PVT Col. Richard Graves, 13th Battalion, Militia
Drew, Job MA, SGT Capts. Peleg Wadsworth, Washburn; Cols. Cotton, John Gray
Du Bois, Sr., Hendricus NY, PS Signer of Articles of Association, New Paltz, 1775
Dunbar, Elijah MA, PVT CS PS Capt. Turner, Col. Mitchell; Town Treasurer; Committee of Safety; Committee of Correspondence
Duncan, Charles VA, SOL Capt. James Browning, Culpeper Co. Militia
Durkee, Timothy NH,VT, CS PS LT Major Smith, Col. Chase; Selectman; Member of Committee to Purchase Munitions 
Early, Daniel PA, PVT Col. James Johnson, 1st Battalion; Cumberland Co. Militia
Elderkin, Jedediah CT, BGEN PS Col. also; Member of Committee of Safety
Elston, William NJ, CPL Capt. Benjamin Laing's Co. Militia
Felter, Peter NY, PVT Capts. Aury Smith, John Gardner; Col. Ann Hawk Hay, 2nd Regiment, Orange Co. Militia
Felter, William NY, PS Signer of the Association Test, Haverstraw Precinct, Orange Co. 1775
Ferguson, William PA, PVT Capt. McDowell, Col. Culbertson, Cumberland Co Militia
Fooks, Daniel MD, PVT Capt. James Perdue, Worcester Co.
Forrest, Shadrack NC, PS Furnished supplies, entered land grant; Took Oath of Allegiance 1780
Gaston, William SC, CAPT New Acquisition Militia
Gates, Samuel VA, PVT Capt. Marquis Calmes Co.; Col. Christian Febiger, 2nd Regiment
Gatewood, William VA, CAPT Essex Co. Militia
Gill, Jones VA, PVT Capt. Seth Stubblefield, Militia
Gillihan, Clemmons VA, PVT Capt. Benjamin Biggs, 7th Regiment; VA Continental Line
Goodridge, John MA, CPL Also Pvt. Capts. Bridge, Fuller, Joslin; Cols. Whitcomb, Cushing, Whitney; Lexington Alarm, Battle of Bunker Hill
Goss, Abraham PA, NONCOM Fifer, Capt. Moore, Col. Stewart
Goss, Elizabeth PA, PS Provided Services to the Army
Greenman, William NY, PVT Col. Van Rensselaer, 4th Regiment, Albany Co.; Militia
Gunn, Sr., Nathaniel MA, LT CS 1st Lt. Under Capt. Moses Harvey, Lt.Col. Samuel Williams; Surveyor of Highways
Harris, Jr., James MD, PVT 2nd Regiment, Maryland Line
Hart, John NJ, PS SDI Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Member of State Committee of Safety; Vice President of Provincial Congress
Hawkins, Samuel VA, SGT Infantry, VA Line
Hayes, Richard VA, PS Gave material aid
Helm, Meredith VA, CAPT Also 2nd Lt., Col. George William Fairfax, Frederick Co. Militia 
Hendrickson, Jacob NJ, PS Paid Supply Tax, 1780
Herbert, Stewart PA, CAPT Pennsylvania Line
Hewitt, Richard CT, MAJ Also Lt. & Capt.; James Chapman; Cols. Parsons & Latimer; 8th Regt. CT militia
Hinman, Asabel NJ, PS CAPT Captain; also Wagoner, Wagonmaster, Conductor of Team Brigade
Hobbs, John MA, PVT Capt. Asa Danforth Co., Col. Convers Regiment, Gen. Gates
Holman, Jr., Isaac NC, PVT Capts. Samuel Reed, Ritchie Grimes; Col. Locke
Holman, Sr., Isaac NC, PS Paid for services rendered
Holsinger, Michael VA, PVT Capt. Harrison, Augusta Co. Militia
Hopkins, William NJ, SOL As Artificer in Quartermaster General’s Dept.
Howell, Ezekiel NJ, PVT Capt.  Mott, 1st Regiment, Hunterdon Co. Militia
Howell, Sr., John NJ, PVT Capt. William Tucker, Col. Joseph Phillips; 1st Regiment Hunterdon Co. 
Howell, Joseph NC, PS CS Grand Juror; Paid for Services Rendered 
Hoy, William VA, MAJ Also Capt., Lincoln Co. Militia; Clark’s IL Regiment
Huckstep, Samuel VA, PS Signed Albemarle Declaration of Independence, 1779; Furnished Supplies; Paid 1783 Supply Tax 
Huntington, Jabez CT, CS PS Collector of State Taxes; Member of Committee to Purchase Firearms  
Jaquette, Joseph PA, LT Capt. Lewis Farmer, Col. Samuel Miles; Regiment of Rifles
Janus, George PA, SOL PS Capt. George Smith, Philadelphia Militia; Took Oath of Allegiance, 1779; Paid supply tax 1780
Johnson, Joseph NY, STAFF OF Capt. John Bell, Col. Ann Hawk Hay; 2nd Orange Co. Militia Regiment
Jolliff, John VA, LT Capt. Thomas Berry, Col. Abraham Bowman, Peter Muhlenberg, 8th VA CL Regiment
Jones, Jacob S. DE, PS Paid supply tax
Kaufman, Philip PA, PVT Capt. Ferdinand Ritter, Col. Joseph Hiester, Militia, Aiug-Sep 1780
Keen, Samuel Lake MD. PS Signed Oath of Allegiance, 1778; Paid supply tax, 1783
Lamb, Frederick SC, NONCOM Fifer in Capt. Peter Gray’s 2nd Regiment, Continental Line
Latting, Jacob NY, SOL Received Land Bounty Rights for Ulster Co. Militia, 4th Regiment
Lawson,Thomas PA, CPL Also Pvt..,Capt. Robert Adams, 6th Battalion
Leach, Sr., William MD, PS Oath of Fidelity & Support, 1778; Montgomery Co. 
Leftwich, Thomas VA, CAPT Bedford Co. Militia
Lewis, Peter NC, PVT Capt. Benjamin Williams, Col. Alexander Martin; Recieved General Assembly land grant
Lincoln, Jacob VA, LT Capts. Ragan, Lincoln; Cols. Harris, Dark
Linton, Elijah MD & VA, PVT Capt. Thomas Snead, Col. George Mathews, 5th & 9th VA C.L.; MD Militia Capt. Henry Miles, Somerset County Militia
Lloyd, James MD, CAPT 4th Battalion Talbot Co. Militia
Lott, Richard NJ, LT COL Middlesex Co., 2nd Regiment 
Magee, Phillip NC, SOL 1782 Pay Voucher #1547
Malcolm, James VA, SOL Entered 1827 GA Land Lottery Drawing as Rev. War Soldier
Markell, Jacob P. NY, PVT Capts. Henry DuBois, John L.  Hardenburgh, Livingston, Cols. Marinus Willett, Weissenfels
Marsh, Aaron VA, SOL New Kent Co. Militia
Marshall, Aaron DE, PVT Capt. William Peary, Col. David Hall
Matthews, Elijah MA, PVT Capt. Edward Grow
Mavity, William VA, SGTMAJ PS 2nd Battalion, 4th Regiment, Col. Waller; Took Oath of Allegiance
Melott, Jr., John PA, PVT

Capts. Soisnea, Enslow; Cols. Edward Combes, James Martin; Also, Ranger on the Frontier, Capt. Henry Rushe

Melott, Sr., John PA, PS CS

Justice of the Peace, 1777; Signed Oath of Allegiance, 1777

Melott, Obediah PA, PS PVT

Bedford Co. Militia, 1782; Suffered Depredation

Moore, David VA, PVT Capt. Kirk, Col Moffitt, Virignia Line
Moore, William VA, CAPT PS Also Pvt. under Capt. Samuel Wallace, Col. John Bowyer; Col. Samuel Lewis; Paid Supply Tax, 1783
Moulton, Jonathan MA, SGT 3rd Sergeant for Capt. John Dodge. Col. Jacob Gerrish
Muse, John VA, PS SOL Paid for Military Service; Furnished Supplies
Myers, Garret NY, PVT PS Capt. Aurie Smith, Col. Ann Hawkes Hays; 2nd Regiment, Signed Association Pledge 1775
Myers, Stephanus NY, SOL Signer of the Articles of Association
Neal, James VA, CAPT 13th VA Regiment
Nettleton, Thaddeus CT, PVT Capt. Samuel Peck, Col. David Wooster, 1st Regiment
Newberry, Stedman CT, PVT Capt. Gurdon Saltonstall, Capt. Jabex Beebe, Capt. Oliver Comstock 
Nichols, Benjamin MA, PVT Capt. Arthur Daggett, Col. Learned
Nowlin, Bryan Ward VA, PS Furnished Supplies; Signed Oath of Allegiance, Pittsylvania Co. 1777
Olds, George VT, PS SGT Also Pvt., Scout; Capts. Potter, Fassett, Smith, Sawyer, Green Mt. Boys; Prisoner
Oldweiler, Jacob PA, PVT Capt. Andrew Boggs, Col. Alexander Lowery; 7th Battalion, Lancaster Co. Militia
Ormsby, Gideon VT, MAJ Also Capt.; Lt. Col. Fletcher; Cols. Warren, Allen
Paine, William MA, PVT Capts. John Bayley, John Wiley; Col. Michael Jackson, Massachusetts Line
Parker, Elisha MD, SOL Worcester Co. Militia, Capt. Handy; Wicomico Battalion
Parker, John MD, PS Oath of Allegiance, 1778
Parker, Stephen NC, PS Furnished Supplies
Parsons, Samuel MD, CPL Also Pvt., Capts. Ebenezer Handy, Robert Handy
Parsons, William MD, PVT Capt. Ebenezer Handy, Worcester Militia; also Wicomico Battalion
Patten, John PA, COL 2nd Battalion, Col. Samuel Miles' Rifle Regiment; Col. of one of 16 additional Regiments 
Penn, Benjamin MD, PVT Capt. Joseph Burgess, Col. Smallwood
Pennock, William VA, PS CS Delivered Supplies; Inspector of Mills
Percival, Benjamin MA, CPL Capt. Simeon Fish, Col. Freeman
Pitts, Peter MA, CAPT Col. Timothy Walker, Bristol Co. Regiment
Pound, John VA, PS Paid for public service
Prather, Basil NC, Sol [Soldier] Militiaman in Salisbury District
Pullen, Jedediah VA, PS Furnished supplies
Pullen, Thomas VA, PVT Capts. Charles Callaway, Cotterall, Reid & Moore; Col. Charles Lynch
Pyron, William C. NC, PVT Capts. Moore, Marlboro; Cols. Lytle, Thomas
Richardson, Jesse CT, PVT Capts. Pease, Haas, Cols. Huntington, Wolcott, Mason
Riggins, Francis NC, PVT Capts. Harris, Turner, Cols. Haines, Williams; Warren Co Militia
Ringle, Mathias PA, PS ENS Also Pvt., Capts. Groff, Shriver, Cols. Hubner, Beam, Northampton Co. Militia; Oath of Allegiance, 17 Apr 1778, Northampton Co.
Ritter, Anthony MD, PS Took Oath of Allegiance 
Rogers, William PA, ENS Northumberland Co., Rangers on the Frontiers, 1778-83
Rosenkrans, John NY, PVT Capts. Peter Roosa, Matthew Jansen; Col. Johannis Janson
Rowland, James NC, PVT Capts. Culpeper, William Hoy; Col. David Love
Savage, Benjamin MD, PS Paid 1783 Supply Tax
Sawyer, Samuel MA, MAJ Also 1Lt., Capt. Littlefield, Col. Moulton, Lexington Alarm 19 Apr 1775; Col. Scammon, York Co. Militia
Schley, George Jacob MD, PS LT 1st Lt., Capt. Haass, Middle District of Frederick Co.; Associator
Schley, John Thomas MD, PS Member of Committee of Observation & Committee of Correspondence
Schwartz, John PA, PVT Capt. Philip Albright, Col. Samuel Miles
Seaman, Eberhart PA, PS Paid supply tax, Berks Co. 1781
Shadburn, Amos VA, SOL Militia, Capt. John Brett
Sharpley, Daniel DE, PVT Militia, Capt. Paul Raulston, 1778
Skinner, Sr., Ashbel CT, CS Selectman 1775, 1778-80
Smalley, Joseph VT, CS PS Member of Committee of Safety, 1777; Sealer of Weights and Measures 1781
Smith, Isaac NY, CAPT Col. Abraham Lent, Militia
Smith, Peter NY, PS Association Test, 1775
Smith, Petrus NY, SOL Capt. Cornelius Wynkoop, Marbletown Militia
Smith, William NJ, CAPT Col. John Holmes, Col. Benjamin Holmes, Salem Co. Militia 
Snow, Elisha MA, PVTR PS Privateer; Member of Committee of Safety and Correspondence, Maine
Southworth, Joseph CT, MA; PVT Capts Reuben Marcy, William Manning; Cols. John Chester, Charles Webb, CT; Col. Rufus Putnam, MA
Staley, Melchior MD, PS Rendered material aid
Stalnacker, Jacob VA, PS Provided material aid
Stark, Christopher PA, PVT Ranger on the Frontier, Capts. Abner Howell, George Sharp
Stavely, Joseph MD, PVT Capt. William Maxwell
Steele, James VA, CS Appointed Viewer of Causeway over Long Meadow, 1783 
Straw, Nicholas PA, LT Pvt, Capts. Gray, Boone Cols. Potter, Weltner; Lt, Capts. McGrady, Thompson; Col. Kelly
Strout, Elisha MA, CPL Also Pvt., Capt. Morton, Col. Mitchel
Sutherland, Philemon VA, PVT Capt. John Morton
Swanson, William VA, PS Took Oath of Allegiance, Henry Co., 13 Sept. 1777; Furnished Supplies
Swetland, Luke CT, PVT PS Capt. Robert Durkee, Col. John Durkee; Prisoner of War; Expedition under Gen. Sullivan
Talley, Sr., William DE, PVT Capt. Joseph Marshall, Brandywine Hundred Militia, 1778
Tasker, James VA, PVT Capt. Thomas West, Col. Edward Stevens, 10th Regiment
Terrell, George VA, 1LT Also Ens., Capts. John Minor, John Fitzhugh; Caroline County Militia
Tillman, Sr., Thomas VA, PS Paid Supply Tax, 1783
Tipton, John VA, COL CS PS Militia, Judge, Sheriff, Delegate to General Assembly; Provided Gunpowder
Townsend, William NC, SOL Paid for services rendered, Militia
Tremper, Michael NY, PVT Capt. Everet W. Swart, Col. Dirck Brinckerhoff, 2nd Regiment, Dutchess Co. Militia 
Trimmer, Obadiah VA, ENS Louisa Co. Militia, 1781
Tripp, Robert NC, PS CS Justice of the Peace; Delegate to Prov. Congress 
Van Campen, Cornelius PA, PS Suffered depradation; Home burned in 1778 as part of attack on Wheeler's Fort
Van De Mark, Wilhelmus NY, LT

1st Lt., Capt. Cornelius Mastern, Also 2nd Lt. Capt. Jacobus Rose; Col. Johannes Hardenburgh, 4th Regiment Ulster Co. Militia

Van Epps, Evert NY, PS CAPT Also Pvt., Sgt.; Capt. Jellis Fonda, Col. Frederick Fisher; Capt. of Batteaumen and Laborers, Quartermaster’s Dept.; Prisoner of War
Van Nostrand, Aaron NY, PS Signer of Association Test, Queens Co., 19 Jan 1776
Van Poole, Henry PA, PS Paid Supply Tax 1779, 1780
Van Sant, Peter PA, PS CAPT. Third Associated Company for Lower Makefield Twp.; Furnished Supplies
Vickers, Robert VA, SOL Capt. Baird, Botetourt County Militia 1782
Wade, Edward VA, PS Also Pvt.; Capts. Samuel Blodgett, Moses Dustin, Cols. Enoch Poor, Hale, George Reid
Wade, William VA, SOL Signed Oath OF Allegiance, Pittsylvania County, 1777
Wagerman, Philip PA, CPL PS Capt. Jacob Ladich, Col. Samuel Ely. Berks County Militia; Paid Supply Tax, 1781
Warwick, Jacob VA, CAPT Militia; Also Lt., Capt. William Kincaid
Washburn, Nathaniel NJ, SGT Sussex Co. Militia
Watts, Benjamin VA, PVT Capts. Thomas Newell, Bush; Maj. Hamilton
Welton, William VA, PS Furnished supplies
West, Thomas DE, PVT Capt. William Moore, Col. Neill, 2nd Regiment
Whitcomb, Joseph NH, CAPT PS Col.Samuel Ashley, Militia; Member of Committee of Safety
White, Moses CT, PVT PS Capts. return Jonathan Meigs, Oliver Hanchett; Col. Joseph Spencer; Captured at Battle of Quebec, 1775 
Whitney, Sr., Abner MA, PVT Capt. Jeremiah Wiswall, Lexington Alarm
Wilkerson, Turner VA, PVT Capts. John Fleming, Anthony & Watkins
Williams, Francis VA, PVT PS Capt. James Burton, Col Francis Taylor; paid supply tax, 1783
Williamson, Jeremiah NY, PVT Capt. Aury Smith, Col. Ann Hawks Hay; 2nd Regiment, Orange Co. Militia
Williamson, Nicholas NY, PVT Capt. Aury Smith, John Bell; Cols. Hay, Graham, 2nd Regiment, Orange Co. Militia
Winck, Jacob PA, PVT Ranger on the frontier, Bedford County Militia; Lt. Thomas Norton 
Wright, Benjamin VA, PS Furnished Supplies
Wright, John VA, SOL Capt. I Trigg, Bedford Co., Militia
Yeager, Andrew PA, PVT PS Capts.Deibler & Weaver, Cols. Burd, Elder; 4th Battalion, Lancaster Co. Militia, Paid Supply Tax, 1779
Zorn, Henry SC, PS Furnished Supplies

1LT = First Lieutenant
2LT = Second Lieutenant
BGEN = Brigadier General
CAPT = Captain
COL = Colonel
CPL = Corporal
CS = Civil Service
ENS = Ensign
LT = Lieutenant
MAJ = Major
MATR = Matross (a soldier of artillery, who ranked next below a gunner)
MGEN = Major General
NONCOM = Non-Commissioned
PVT = Private
PVTR = Privateer
PS = Patriotic Service
QM = Quartermaster
SDI = Signer of the Declaration
SGT = Sergeant
SGTMAJ = Sergeant Major
SMN = Seaman
SOL = Soldier